Videos on BooneLive Viewable Again!

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Videos on BooneLive Viewable Again!

What Happened? All those Live Videos Were Private!

You take a couple of months to eat some crackers and drink some tea.. the world falls apart.


So, after my departure from Boone and the taming down, the general stagnation of new videos being added, something happened.  It was a terror to know of it. So many videos were unviewable to the world. Marked for private, corralled away and shunned from the light! Oh the WOE, the HORROR!

My contacts in Boone and other musical places like Hollywood, New Orleans, Nashville, and New York said there was much gnashing of teethes, many wails of despair from BooneLive’s adoring populous.

But, as you can see by perhaps taking a gander at Angel Olsen, Katterwaul, or some Naked Gods, all is fixed now. Apparently the BooneLive Vimeo Plus account went stale (you know, subscription money and all that) and the robutts took some liberty changing some of my settings around.

But, dear reader, dear listener, dear viewer, fear and fret not for all is well on the video front and you may proceed for yourself to viewing.

Enjoy! [CP]<|

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