Katterwaul – A Rock and Soul Energy Drink for Your Eary Things

Live music of guitar, drums, and a powerful box of voices to get your neck moving or that OW OW from your face piece.

Live music of Katterwaul

Katterwaul TapesKatterwaul (Brittany Katter, Ty Hoskinson) pilin’ on the loud out rock and soul style on a girls night (with Grass Widow & Lisa Frank) at the Espresso News & Low Wine Bar, standard live music in Boone type of evening. It was a glorious evening at the News, ladies, ladies, ladies and two bands with male drummers. Does that say something metaphorical? I don’t know. Brought to the hungry noise gluttons of Boone by the ever scheduling and sweating with show grease Loven House Underground (Devon Tuttle, Nathan Sheets), Katterwaul certainly got the crowd to bobbing heads and woopin in deep appreciation of the grungy guitar while drums kept a steady wumpnkwak as they typically tend to do. Great stuff. Check out the videos and make your decision thusly.

Oh, as a side note and something to be expounded upon in the coming recents, this is one of BooneLive’s few first forays into experimenting with what is possible using only one camera. Losing the tripod, pan & zoom in post, we’ll just have to see what lies in the output. Sillyness or quality vidjyas.
Coming forthwith at some point in the busytude that is the day and times of our lives here at BooneLive will be the videos of the musics that happened in chronological tandem as Katterwaul (Grass Widow & Lisa Frank)