Angel Olsen Live in Boone

Playing her sultry musings, Angel Olsen sang a packed coffee house on a late night fall in 2012

Angel Olsen live in Boone, NCAngel Olsen of Chicago and of Asheville based Bathetic Records came into Boone town for an evening of sultry lullabies, songs that made the crowded tiles swoon, fall silent the eyes that were entranced in a blue and purple glow of another Espresso News late night live musing. By invitation of the prodigal Loven House Underground, Angel OlsenĀ  sang to a loaded coffee house with Boone local Brandon Holdt and Asheville local Abe Leonard. Wrapping up the evening, Angel let loose with a range wide and honest like silky caramel. Why is silky caramel so honest? We may never know.
What we do know is that Angel Olsen was loved dearly at her showing in Boone, NC and its well known across the lands that there are quite more than many who would love to hear her once more should she pass through these wanderings in the mountains of Boone.
There is one caveat to these videos. For reasons to be so solemnly explained in a begrudging blog post that wails of the wallow and pity, the audio recorder failed me. With a corrupted audio file for such an amazing show, in post I realized that my only alternative, to my dismay (but so true relief since I did indeed have a backup, albeit… rough) was the on-camera mike. As they so do truly say, shit happens. Another reason to see it live!
Check out a few videos from the show and keep up to date with more shows sauntering over the horizon and coming our Boonetown way via the BooneLive calendar! As always, get off your donkus and see it live in Boone!!!!!!1111