Naked Gods at the Boone Saloon

Not naked, not ascended into the evers, but they do lay down the rockin musics!

Naked Gods live in BooneThe ever prodigal Naked Gods played a riproar at local Boone watering hole, the Boone Saloon (known colloquially and so very appropriately as the Saloon), the February past and, as always of course, the crowd was an eager participant in the rocktitudes.

Hailing from Boone and frequently seen among each other and individually around the abouts of town, Naked Gods rocked a heavy tune to their album “No Jams” at the Boone Saloon, as so mentioned above. A great presence, Gods front face Seth Sullivan smangs a tambourine and a high energy passion for really exploring the stage. Guitars number 1 and B are played swimmingly by Brian Knox and Christian Smith, one known to wear a beard and the other knows sometimes to wear a poncho. Aptly handled by Chris Hutelmyer and Derek Wycoff are bass and drums, the latter lending a sometimes backup vocal to the softly boisterous Seth.

All in all, Naked Gods are a high energy roller coaster lullaby of rowdily soft and rocked rock and roll. Widely accepted, supported, and condoned by the venues, denizens, transients, migrants, and perennials of Boone, The High Country and anywhere else that may be graced by gods, that night in February of 2013 was a terrible appointment of awesome.

Check out some videos of their live music in Boone at the Boone Saloon below, then see them live!