The Poster Artists for the Live Music in Boone

Those people that make that tacky, neat, wobbly, and posterized work of announcements of live music in Boone

Show Posters of Live Music in BooneThough not directly, the poster artists of these public service announcements are ancillarily and honorarily contributing to the live music in Boone with their crazy, cooky, and otherwise wonderloving show posters. Some of the artists are local denizens of the mountain town, some areĀ  members of the bands that roll their wheels through our streets and shops, and some are of the other and more elusive sort. Regardless of the wheres from which they hail, these dudes and lady people produce the content first munched by the hungry eyes of Boone’s live music connoisseurs.

So sit back, dear reader. Sit back, and enjoy the penmanship, the artisinal clicktitude, the copy machine and printer paper trappings of these poster children, the poster artists of live music in Boone.

Some More posters from shows not recorded by BooneLive located on Loven House Underground’s Facebook technology.