Water Liars // Live Music in Boone NC

Video of Water Liars playing their rusty indie rock at Espresso News

Water Liars Music - Live in BooneWater Liars‘s sort-of second appearance in Boone after front man Justin Kinkel-Schuster played on his lonsome back in December of 2012 at the Espresso News. North Carolina Appalachia as always. If you saw the video of the last showing (go ahead, check it out up there) then this show will be familiar to you. Similar songs, Justin’s signature voice, but what will be a swath of difference will be the volume, speed and all out folk indie rock and rust that blew the brains off of expectations and assumptions.

Far from the solo seat that took butts to tile as a crowd watched in rapt absorption of a man softly wailing out some lonely road soul, April’s show with the full band (Justin Kinkel-Schuster, Andrew Bryant on the drummers, and GR Robinson thumping the bass strings) turned things up to the proverbial “11” (relatively speaking, I mean, lets be honest, this twernt Spinal Tap), and set the tone for a whole new character to their music. Loud, driving yet sometimes gentile, Water Liars played a range of music from their first album Phantom Limb and their recent second Wyoming. The first album being somewhat harder than the first, their music live sounded faster and a bit more lively than their studio cuts.

A pleasure, them, and their kind is welcome back to Boone any damn time they feel like rolling through. Water Liars are a band to follow if you’re into the rusty-folk of indie-rock persuasions filtered through the American highway. It’ll fill you with something keen. Check out the videos below and see these guys live when you can, where you can.

P.S. Though there isn’t a video accompaniment, Water Liars played a song by recently departed Jason Molina of Songs: Ohia. Just Be Simple by Jason Molina covered by Water Liars is found in the sound cloud widgetty thing.

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