The Critters (Asheville) – Rockin’ Hard at Espresso News

Psychedelic Rock Band from Asheville Makes a second-time Boone Appearance on November 30, 2012

BooneLive recording The CrittersOn November 30 there was a show at the Espresso News & Low Wine Bar, John Wilkes Boothe & The Black Toothe opened the evening to be followed by a flock of Critters that preceded a great set of local hodgepodge and Kinks cover band The Stinks. The Critters, Asheville local who kicked off Bele Chere in 2011,  put on a high energy show, one that will haunt your rock starved soul for months if you missed it. Despite some other appearances of nudity, the show at Espresso news was devoid of raw skin to our fortune or misfortune depending on your taste, but the show was memorable enough for the gathered crowd.

The Critters are some sort of high energy rock-psychedelic pop and, as noted:

“Their sound is drawn from an eclectic pool of influences reviving the raw, organic energy of traditional rock and roll and the lyrical integrity of folk music while tastefully utilizing the textured soundscapes and harmonies of psychedelic pop.”

Compare them to your own favorite tastes, but here we’ll leave the music analysis to the people in the know like Pitchfork and Justin Beiber. BooneLive is all about spreading the music in Boone and this is the music, the rock, the business. If you like what you see here, get off your tookus, put down the Wii, feed your homework to the dog and rock your neck to the bones at the LIVE shows in Boone, NC.

About the Band:

“An original psychedelic pop & rock extravaganza performed by Harry Harrison (Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass), Joshua Martier (Vocals, Drums, Rhythm Guitar), Jesse Meyers (Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass), and Tom Peters (Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Drums).”