Sic Alps Rocking Black Cat on All Hallows’ Eve

All the way from California and into Boone

Sic Alps played a rocked out show complete with crowd surfing at the downtown, some kinda burrito place Black Cat on October 31st, 2012. If you were there, you knew the rock. If you were not there and had no excuse, you reek of high chuff to a level of unparalleled sadness. Well… you really just missed out on a great show that happened via the very hard work of the Loven House Underground.
Get out and see live music in Boone!

About the Band:
“Sic Alps ain’t ya father’s unwashable, filthy, no-fi psychedelic rock scuz – Sic Alps twist, creak, and thump, taking you on a cosmically damaged romp through west coast good vibes and future shock trepidation. If you’ve heard Ty Segall’s latest excellent jam hive, then it should make a lot of sense that this group spawned that monster. They released their latest eponymous effort on Drag City last month (it’s great you should buy it), and it’s their most sonically dynamic (i.e. generous incorporation of strings) and funky to date. True story, I was casually listening to my iTunes on shuffle whilst engaging in some fast-track multitasking when some Alps came on and I thought “hmm, I don’t recognize this Alexander Skip Spence song.” Both Skip Spence and Alps vocalist Mike Donovan retain a subtle, gorgeous quality through raspy timbre and decimated, hissing melodies, suggesting that both gentlemen have seen the true face of God and didn’t like what they saw. Don’t get it twisted though, while Sic Alps certainly drink from the same goblets as the highest in psych rock royalty, they also bring the goods to back up their seat at the table.”