Meridian – Local Boone Band at Espresso News

Meridian plays their 2nd show for the Boone Art Crawl late night scene

Sean Bos of local Boone band MeridianOn Friday, December 7th, Meridian, welcomed the First Friday crowd of shoppers and wine tasters to Espresso News and Low Wine Bar. Though the show started a little later than scheduled, the crowd’s energy stayed up well into the morning.

Local band Meridian opened for their second performance since the Halloween cover show. Sean Bos (keyboards) and Brennan Zerbe (bass) were accompanied by Alex Swing on drums. Despite competing shows in neighboring bars and Art Crawl events going on around town, the floor was packed

They loosely describe themselves as “dark synth-pop.” Loud and grainy with lots of drum power, the set offered another listen to their ever-evolving sound.

“When we first played the Halloween cover show nobody knew what we were going to sound like,” said Bos. “In our second show people had an idea of what we would sound like and there’s a certain expectation that you want to live up to.”

Bos further noted, “We felt well-rehearsed and it sounded good. We know what we want to sound like and when we find it we just go with it.”

Bass player Brennan Zerbe of MeridianGo with it they did and the result was a raised eyebrow and hearty headnod among the familiar crowd. “We thought there was a good mix of friends who saw us at the cover show and people who’ve never heard us before,” said Zerbe. This was a scene full of people who knew their names and for those new to the Meridian sound, and friends alike, the aforementioned deeply hued synth-pop was well received.

Meridian is going through the early stages of a new band that’s defining their sound, and they’re alright with that. Bos doesn’t see Meridian as a side project. He said they’re working on new material that he hopes they’ll play in the next few months.

Check out a choice few songs from the show, then see them live at the next. Check the calendar on Loven House Underground‘s Facebook page or the calendar here on BooneLive to be sure you don’t miss the next one!