John Wilkes Boothe and the Black Toothe

Live at Espresso News in Boone, North Carolina

John Wilkes Boothe and the black Toothe live at Espresso NewsThe Asheville, NC band is some sort of neapolitan of folk bluegrass, indie rock, noir pop, and awesome uniquity. Comparing them to other bands might lead you down a path of┬áHoly Ghost Tent Revival, Ween, The Avett Brothers, and a proclaimed macabre version of Simon & Garfunkel. Whatever associations you need to make, John Wilkes Boothe and the Black Toothe will be a show you can dig if you’re into the mountainy grass that’s been dipped in independant pop and dried in the basking warmth of an estranged noir type… thing.


They came to Boone with The Critters and played a hefty show at local coffee shop Espresso News that was full of locals and a few out-of-towners all gnashing wonderfully at the folken tunes. Check out videos of the show from November 30, 2012.


Remember! If you like what you see here then come out and support live music in Boone! See it in the flesh, you cant get your jibblies rockin just by watching this awesome music on your computer. Be there, its usually only $5!