Bubbly Mommy Gun & Their Jazz-Psych-Pop Sound

Video footage of the live show at coffee shop Espresso News in Boone, NC

Bubbly Mommy Gun live at Espresso NewsBubbly Mommy Gun performed with Meridian and Ahleuchatistas on Friday, December 7th, at Espresso News and Low Wine Bar.

Bubbly Mommy Gun encompasses a weird yet awesome variety of synth-pop that sounds distracted and haphazard. The band played songs off of their new EP, Sand Roses, as well as songs from their 2010 album, Ain’t Got No Favorite Color.

Bubbly Mommy Gun were a great balance between the synth sounds of Meridian and the minimal psychedelia of Ahleuchatistas. They’re wonderfully groovy and eccentric, with horns and keyboards interplaying with quirky lyrics. Listening to their set is both thought provoking and endearing. The tinkering of each instrument is like a child exploring sounds and how they work together.

No two songs sound the same; each has it’s own amalgam of buzzes, zips, riffs and whimsical melodies. Their songs never sound tired and overplayed, and as the set went on, the songs got more eclectic and intricate, involving more instrumentation and a mad-hatter spirit from the band.