Ahleuchatistas – Asheville, NC – Live in Boone

AH – LOO – CHA -TEES -TAS and their exploratory sound at Espresso News & Low Wine Bar on December 2, 2012

Video of Ahleuchatistas - BooneLiveAsheville band Ahleuchatistas came into Boone for a show with local Boone band Meridian and Athens, GA born Bubbly Mommy Gun on the early of December in the last year of our Earth, 2012. Put together by the Loven House Underground, this was Shane Perlowin (guitar) and Ryan Oslance (drums) second appearance in this Appalachian mountain town as Ahleuchatistas and Ryan’s and third appearance considering his solo show at Espresso News earlier in the fall.

Seeing the band live you’ll notice two musicians deeply intertwined with their task, both in their own way seeming to close out everything but each other and melding their notes with ten years experience in the Ahleuchatistas project.

Of course, if you’ve heard Ahleuchatistas before you know their crunchy and exploratory grooves are an experimental project on what inspiration at a frequency of the sound ether can bring. Through an electric guitar and a drum set laden with chains, tinfoil, maracas and mirth, Ahleuchatistas dances long tunes of energy and switchbacks that are sure to grab your attention. Sly guitar matched with wandering drums that aren’t afraid of the dark, these two work well together and the complex flavors compliment each other in a way that begs to be experienced with the ears.

Come out and see them if they end up playing the live in Boone again. Until then, check it out on BooneLive.com

Ahleuchatistas – LIVE at Espresso News from BooneLive on Vimeo.