Abe Leonard and His Live at Espresso News

Playing a set of low tuned musics to make you shaddup and turn an ear

Abe Leonard - Live in BooneAbe Leonard of Asheville set his musics at the ever present and local coffee shop Espresso News for a show including Boone local Brandon Holdt and Chicago based Angel Olsen for a number of low key and entrancing late evening tunes. Singing from Roy Orbison, traditional Appalachian tunery and a slope of his own untitled numbers, Abe Leonard’s sound is calm and commanding, something that you want to listen to, something that begs to be absorbed and digested with each richness of note.


His coming through for some live music in this here Boone was a perfect fit with Angel Olsen, another calm and commanding voice who’s vocals are soft and sirenic, bold and rich with power all at the same time. They compliment themselves well for a joining show, Angel and Abe. Boone was fortunate to have endured such a clever and well matched set.

Enjoy the videos below, the live music in Boone swells with the sound of Abe Leonard and here at BooneLive that sound is a welcome treat brought on by none other than Devon Tuttle and Nathan Sheets of the Loven House Underground. Watch the videos and remember to head out about town and see it live, stay up to clear with the BooneLive Calendar!