Bookmark Live Music in Boone

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Bookmark Live Music in Boone

New BooneLive Apple Touch Icon to Bookmark Live Music in Boone –

The iBookmark has arrived, keep up with upcoming videos (of past live music in Boone) –

Bookmark Live Music in Boone on your iPhoneIt is here, rejoice amongst yourselves at the marginally noticeable marvel of the fancy iBookmark icon thing that can grace your iPod, iPhone, or iPad with the live music in Boone. Add it to your home screen and look at the some things that once happened in Boone, NC in the realm of live music of local and traveling persuasions. All that must simply happen is for you to visit on your iDevice on Safari and hit that little square button with the arrow. Then, dearest friends and colleagues, add that shit to your home screen! DIG IT!

As a little morsel, a smodgen of a tasty note in addition to that above and aforementioned Apple Touch Icon issue, I have, as you may and surely have noticed, implemented a favicon that you will enjoy with glowing pleasitis at the image presented in your browser tab and mayhap even slightly to the left of the url in the url bar (where urls are most undoubtedly found and feel most at home)

So, fine people, I am doing this for you so that you may more pleasurably enjoy your BooneLive experience and hencethusly visit more often and sing upon your persons the praises so duly earned by the bands and the folks working so hard to bring live music in Boone into the realm of reality.



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