BooneLive – Live Music in Boone is a Product of Many

BooneLive would not exist without its contributors


BooneLive survives on support of many peopleBesides myself, Christopher Pratt behind the camera and audio, BooneLive happens as a result of the hard work, weenis grease, muchly donated time of a handful of people and a love for live music in Boone. Here is where the list of those beautiful people will live as it grows and wanes. If you like what you see on, then present a laurel and hearty handshake to these fine humans if you see them in the arounds of Boone, NC.

Some contribute more than others, some contribute art, techinical, time, savvy, and other talents. Whatever that may be, the shows, videos, and recordings you see on BooneLive are all affected by these people. The list will be filled out on a weekly basis as information on BooneLive contributors is gathered.

Also be sure to check out the growing list of poster artists, those art savvy folken that make all those fancy show posters plastered around town.

Christopher PrattBooneLive – Footage, Audio Recording, Show write-ups, Editing and Website, Social & Vimeo Management

Devon TuttleLoven House Underground Bandcamp – Booking, Audio Technical, Tenacious Awesome

Nathan SheetsLoven House Underground Facebook – Booking, Audio Technical, Tenacious Awesome

Blake WrightIndependent – Lighting Technical

Megan TernesASU Like It Fashion Blog – Show Write-up

There are more than this, the list will grow. Stay Tuned

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