BooneLive in 2013

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BooneLive in 2013

BooneLive & Boone’s 2013 Live Music

BooneLive is ready for great bands, great video

BooneLive & Live Music in 2013Well we survived the Mayan Apopculturepacalypse, barely, and now that the pagan fat man has left those wrapped droppings, taken his antlered contingent back to his fortress in the North Pole and the holiday season is over (until Easter starts sticking its arse into Valentine’s Day) I think its time to go ahead and officially tender the designation of BooneLive.

Since October, or something, I’ve been accumulating for BooneLive a veritable smörgåsbord, a horn-o-plenty shall you, of live coverage of some music in Boone. Some of it is likely to your liking, some of it may diverge from your suited taste. I assure you, you’ll be fine either way. The purpose of BooneLive in 2012 is the similar for this year, 2013 years after we decided to start at zero for some reason:

  1. Promote live music in Boone (See it live, support the bands)
  2. Get people off their collective tookusii and out into the night curves of our evening happenings
  3. Promote the shoppes, restaurants, bars, and espressular establishments that open their doors to live entertainment (and yes, they DO want you to buy beers)
  4. Promote the bands that happen to be the real reason we’re all doing any of this mess in the first place. You rock, bands!
  5. Promote the people who’s olecranonal (wenis) grease makes these bumps in the night happen
  6. Have a good time
  7. Excel in making up copious quantities of words much to the begrudgement of internet Grammar Nazis and the dictionarily inclined alike

Remember, the services rendered here on BooneLive are free and are a product of the hard work and volunteering love of many people. The best way you can support BooneLive is by visiting the site, watching the videos, sharing on Facebook, and SEEING LIVE MUSIC IN BOONE!

BooneLive is still new, its evolving, its gestating into a more robust… thing. What shall come, into what beautiful butterfly or unipus (the mythic unicorn+platypus hybrid of wonders) shall the BooneLive transmogrify in its quest? The winter and growing months 2013 shall tell, I speckon.

Enjoy your time on BooneLive, say hello if you see me around, share the love (and by love, I mean this website), and visit the shows live. For a paltry $5 you can see awesome mo0frockin live music, drink delicious beers, coffee, wine, party liquor drinks, soda, or water (whatever your fancy), and let the bump, thump, twang, oohho, waoowap, and dangle flow through your soul thing.


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