BooneLive Farewell | Live Music in Boone Continues sans-Video

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BooneLive Farewell | Live Music in Boone Continues sans-Video

BooneLive founder Christopher Pratt Leaves Boone

What is to become of recording live music in Boone?

Christopher Pratt Leaves BooneIt’s true, dear folken, I have left. I am become gone and the live music scene in Boone has commenced to crumbling with my passage.

Woe to the poor music halls, the empty stages, the silent speakers. Woe to audiophiles and denizens of dusky venues pining for the now lamentable opportunity for awashment in live music tunes now gone, leaving not but a desert of gnashing teeth and empty ears! WOE!


Well we all know that’s about at true as the Shelby Sasquatch, Boone music will certainly live on and will absolutely survive and thrive despite my departure, a departure little more than a sneaky, gassy flatulence that barely registers upon the nostrils. However, I am indeed leaving and there are unfortunately no current plans for anyone still mulling around Boone to take the reins and produce videos of the live music rolling through Boone.

BooneLive was a great live music recording project and there are still many, a hose of, a cornucopia filled with, videos that have yet to be edited and posted. I appreciate everyone that helped to make the live musics, and BooneLive by extension, possible from The Loven House Underground, Boone Saloon, Espresso News, Black Cat and others. The bands of course are the main event and, though some of you may have videos yet to be released, thanks for being patient.

The point of BooneLive has always been to provide free incentive for the Boone people to get up off their arses, chuck $5-7 at the doorman, and groove, dance, rock, rwar, stomp, stand, or otherwise whathaveyou to live music in places like Boone Saloon, Espresso News, Black Cat, Galileos, and more.

It would have been nice to grow BooneLive, expand it and while in NYC I may yet add a video here and there of stuff from the city. We’ll see.

In the meantime, thank you Boone, thank you bands, thank you aforementioned music people, and stay tuned as I still have a fair set to release. Be patient with me while I’m moving to that NYC, I’ll get to your videos.

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