Booking Live Music in Boone

BooneLive does not book the shows, but these fine establishments do!

Who to contact to get your band booked in BooneNow, being a busy and only one person (as I have mentioned on the about page and in other pages around this tribute to live music in Boone), I do not personally book any shows. None, zero. I mean hellfire and devil spit, I don’t even live in Boone anymore! No hard-ass, weenis grease dripping, brain thing crunching, and emailphonetextfacebookin for me.


No, I leave the live music booking to the professionals.

If you’re interested in playing a show in Boone then please reach out to one of our fine local live music establishments around town. I do not speak for any of these venues though I may support many of them. If you get a show booked to play your musics then maybe I’ll see you around!

Below is a list of live music venues around downtown Boone. These are local venues only, but, though this list encompasses most of the local businesses, it is not a complete list of local live music venues around Boone, NC. If you’re a local music venue feel free to contact me and I will be happy to add you to the list.


Loven House Underground:

Galileo’s Restaurant & Bar:

641 Record Store:

Black Cat Burrito:

Boone Saloon:

Murphy’s Bar: