BooneLive – Providing Video of Live Music in Boone, NC

Recording the Musics that go Bump in the Night (… and thump, twang, widdy waaoo waooo, psshct, and zawoop just to name a few)

About BooneLive - Recording Live Music in Boone, NCBooneLive is a project exploring the possibilities of recording the live music in Boone, North Carolina. We’re just a small college town in the blue mountains of western North Carolina, nestled in the southeast USA between beautiful country nothing and flatlanded urban sprawl. As such seems to do, good music finds its way here.This project is poised to spread the issue. Experimental asynchronous psych-pop, bluesy folk, crescendo-drone, surf rock, west coast rabble, and bluegrass country, it all comes through here and BooneLive will be doing its do to prove that it happened.

This is a project, a hope to bring attention to the diversity, the quality, and hard work of the people and venues that make this varietous system of tunes and noise happen. Some is local, some is regional, some is straight up international so whatever your pleasure you can certainly find it somewhere, sometime in Boone. This project is an encouragement to all local Booners (Booninites? Boonies? whatever… locals) to get off the couch and check out the music happening right under your upper lip. This project is also an invitation. You bands… get here, come here, get seen, play musics and show us a good time!

By no means can this project, in its current and fledgling state, record all of the music in Boone. Trust the fates and commons, there are many more bands that play in this little town than BooneLive can record (Currently with a staff of one), but its a start.

Here are a few links to some people / places that are making it all happen in this town, feel free to contact them about booking live music:

Espresso News (for booking contact Loven House):

Loven House Underground:

Galileo’s Restaurant & Bar:

641 Record Store:

Black Cat Burrito:

Boone Saloon:

Murphy’s Bar: